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We offer reliable, but affordable online remote computer hardware diagnostic, computer security, remote computer repair service that maximizes PC security.  Is your computer running slow?  Freezing up?  Pop ups?  Errors?  Are the issues hardware or malware?  How can you be sure?  Our remote computer diagnostic and repair service using top-quality, state-of-the-art solutions and trained technicians at affordable prices is the perfect solution for you.  Our services are 100% guaranteed.  If we do not fix, you will be entitled to a full refund.  Repair your PC and/or enhance your security, protecting your most valuable information from hackers.  Contact us today!

  • Defragments Disks
  • Updates Drivers
  • Cleans Registry
  • Optimizes SSDs
  • Removes Junk Files
  • Optimizes Broadband
  • Updates Common Software Automatically
  • Removes Unnecessary Start Up Apps
  • Deactivates Unnecessary Windows Tasks
  • Disables Resource Hogging Start Ups
  • Accelerates Downloads in FF and IE
  • Fixes Software Vulnerabilities

Remote PC Hardware Diagnostic Service

Our remote PC hardware diagnostic service can quickly scan your PC for hardware related issues. One-time service or ongoing monthly scans for maximum security performance and easy repair.